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BI Annual Poster Concept

A Poster Concept For Student Exhibition, Which Celebrates The Effort Put Into Each Respective Work.

A poster on a black background with a slight shadow on top

About the Project









The gradient shape represents the “squeeze” and mimics the direction of a design process. It covers parts of the heading text to emphasize the connection between the effort and the result during a creative process.

The idea behind the poster is to represent that the students have “squeezed out their maximum” to achieve the best result and possibly be a part of the exhibition.

An orange poster

The final version of the poster.

A Black poster

The first concept aimed to evoke playfulness and cheerfulness, but there was too much movement as it was hard to read the information.

A green poster

The second concept was too conservative and sterile, as I wanted to achieve something solid - possibly in the middle of these concepts.

A poster displayed on one side of a bus stop

Although the final jury didn't choose my concept, I had a lot of fun with this project.

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A Book Design Concept Based On 'The Chicago of Europe', A Short Story By Mark Twain

The letter "O"

I’m looking for a paid internship in a publishing house, magazine or a graphic design studio

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