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The letter "O"
Bottoms Up!

A Magazine Spread Design For About Berlin 3, Formed As A Crossword Puzzle Game

Two hands holding an opened magazine on a black background

About the Project


Magazine Spread







The challenge was to make my intention clear to the reader as About Berlin 3 is a student magazine featuring regular spreads. The final result has successfully created a relationship between both pages through similarity and symmetry.

This spread aims to educate the reader about Berliner Kindl, a beer brewery based in Neukölln, Berlin in an unconventional and engaging way. Each text on the left corresponds with a question and an answer field on the right, selected letters then create a “Secret Word”.

First page of a spread

The informative page of the spread

Second page of a spread

The playful page of the spread

Two digital spreads

These two previous concepts show the evolution of different thought processes.

Top left view of a magazine spread on an orange background

This project has taught me to always stay open to inspiration even in the latter stages of the design process and prevent locking in on an idea from the beginning.

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A Poster Concept For Student Exhibition, Which Celebrates The Effort Put Into Each Respective Work.

The letter "O"

I’m looking for a paid internship in a publishing house, magazine or a graphic design studio

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