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The letter "O"
Experimenting with typography, shape and layout

'Let Us All Take Five' - A Poster For A Fictional Political Party

A billboard with two posters inside, located outside of a glass building

About the Project


Animated poster







The chosen layout is futuristic and distorted to support the utopic idea with various lines and outlined shapes. The speed of the animation illustrates the pace of snails and taking things slow. The change in colors highlights the important part and brings some joy to the otherwise b&w poster.

The slogan of the party, "let us all take five", is taken from a jazz context, where it means to take a break of five minutes. However, for this politcal party, it means to switch weekends and working days - five days of joy, two days of labour.

A Gif of a black & white poster changing colors

The animated version of the poster.

Black & White posters pasted next to each other on a big wall in an exterior setting

The poster showed in an exterior environment.

A black & white poster laying on a grey staircase

A mockup of the poster.

A person standing in front of a poster and pointing at it

The development process was very straightforward and fun - I knew precisely what I was aiming for, and I was able to keep it consistent until the finalization.

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A Series Of Type Specimens Showcasing Student-made Fonts

The letter "O"

I’m looking for a paid internship in a publishing house, magazine or a graphic design studio

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