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The letter "O"
Experimenting with typography-heavy layouts

Type Specimen Showcasing The Font Nobel

A poster in a four legged poster frame

About the Project









I have decided to go for a clean and modern approach, putting all text in primary black on a funky flamingo pink background, which connects well with the playfulness of the design.

The layout is made out of different sections with just catchy, bold phrases in different sizes and weights, conveying an almost website-like feel to the whole piece.

A pink poster

My first concept was more of an editorial design, which made it look empty to me.

A purple poster

This concept had more going on, but it was the combination of both of the concepts that would create the strongest solution.

A pink poster

The process of merging the concepts together turned out to be a big learning experience. In the end, I complimented the existing typographical hierarchies with some additional ones to achieve visual harmony.

A person standing in front of a pink poster and pointing at it

I am very proud of this project as it even got exhibited in my university's student exhibition.

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A Brand Identity For An Online Student Platform

The letter "O"

I’m looking for a paid internship in a publishing house, magazine or a graphic design studio

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