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The letter "O"
Noove: A Platform for Students by Students

A Brand Identity For An Online Student Platform

A gif of a logo animation

About the Project


Brand Identity, Website, Poster







The icons symbolize the four features of Noove and are used for both informational and decoration purposes.

The symbol characterizes the cooperation of the two target groups. Paired up with a geometric sans serif typeface, the logo looks progressive and modern, yet professional. This is reflected in the color palette - the pink and blue challenge the monochromatism of the rest of it.

Grey business cards scattered around

The business cards combine the primary grey color with the secondary pink.

Two phones showing different folds of the website

The mobile breakpoints of the website.

A digital desktop mockup

The desktop breakpoint of the desktop version.

Three posters on a wall in an exterior setting

Poster concepts for onboarding new users.

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A Brand Identity For A Company Specializing in Sustainable Roof Solutions, Building Them From Soil & Plants

The letter "O"

I’m looking for a paid internship in a publishing house, magazine or a graphic design studio

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