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The letter "O"
Bucato, Kuku, Restruct

A Series Of Type Specimens Showcasing Student-made Fonts

Green, Yellow and Blue posters pinned on a wall

About the Project









From my perspective, the content of the type specimens is as important as its' form. I put together amusing words and sentences to create a supporting story to the layout.

The goal was to design a coherent type specimen series for three student-made fonts. Using the same grid and similar typographical hierarchies I was able to achieve the desired consistency.

A Green poster

First type specimen, font Bucato by Beatrice Costa.

A Yellow poster

Second type specimen, font Kuku by Erika Indra.

A Blue poster

Third type specimen, font Restruct by Israa Abouelkhair.

A person standing between a yellow and a green poster

I am very grateful to be given complete freedom in the design process by prof. Tibus, who created a safe space for me to freely experiment with layouts.

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Type Specimen Showcasing The Font Nobel

The letter "O"

I’m looking for a paid internship in a publishing house, magazine or a graphic design studio

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